Tune Up or Engine Replacement for the Job Market

I’ve been in sales and marketing for over 30 years, and believe that I can lead a group to define their brand, execute promotions that increase brand equity, buy mass media as efficiently as it can be done, write and implement a marketing plan, so why am I not working? I thought I might find a clue if I looked critically at the job postings to find what could possibly be eliminating me. You may notice your missing link if you scrutinize postings in your own field, but for me it was that I cannot respond to their request for various internet marketing skills. I’m not convinced every company knows why they need someone with these skills, and what will this person do. “Let that person figure out what should be done!” is probably what they’re saying,at least in some cases. I believe companies are terrified and mesmerized at the same time about all the magic on the internet. “We will go out of business if we don’t market on the internet!” Whether that is true or not, I had to admit the possibility that I’m being overlooked as a serious candidate because I cannot do internet marketing. Having these skills would update me and reposition my resume, and all my other skills no one gives me credit for would suddenly have relevance, now packaged together with Internet Marketing for today’s marketing challenges. The thought of going back to school at this point is overwhelming, but the only way to travel is forward. You’ve heard that standing still is moving backwards. Suck it up and find somewhere to learn the piece that will bring you up to date with the rest of your qualifications. It’s a better idea than starting over in a completely new field at the bottom of the ladder. Look at yourself closely and see if a tune up will do instead of a new engine replacement. Let me know if it helps your approach.


About Skaytn

A highly successful Baby Boomer until the crash, am now looking for a saddle to get back on. My blog will be a blend of observations of the hiring process, how I have to reassess my skills, and coming to terms with a world that we never imagined.
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