How Painful Is It Applying to Jobs?

My retirement fund I’ve saved forever just isn’t enough in case I live a long life. I’ve got to work. I was laid off my last marketing job, sending me to the online job sites, which, for those who are new to searching for employment, will be a rude awakening from the way we used to do it. But you have to get acquainted, because grabbing the Sunday Classified has gone the way of the horse and buggy. You find a site like Monster or Career Builder and put in some key words for a search, or for a couple searches encompassing your skills. I was thrilled to find I could request companies within 5 miles of my house, because the hour-long, sit-in-one-place commutes I used to not think twice about are unacceptable to my arthritis now. Anyone relate? So a list of job postings appear. Right off the bat, I eliminate “In search of Road Warrior”, which is Job Speak for, “Pal, half your life will be spent shlepping luggage on a plane and in strange hotel rooms.” Also a skip is “Far western suburbs”. How’d that get in there? Pass on “Are you a hunter?” That’s a cold-call job, and they’re not paying you to think. You finally find something you’ll do and you apply the only permissible way (Online!) with your application and a Cover Letter, and now the fun begins. Job Seekers used to get at least a form letter thanking them, and good luck, etc., but now? You are lucky to get an automated response confirming receipt, but most often you get nothing. Nothing! And “No phone calls!” if you thought you might try to get a personal edge that way. No feedback, no way to improve, no identifying what you may have said that sank you….you’re doing the Job App Walk!


About Skaytn

A highly successful Baby Boomer until the crash, am now looking for a saddle to get back on. My blog will be a blend of observations of the hiring process, how I have to reassess my skills, and coming to terms with a world that we never imagined.
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